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thatkillersmile's Journal

20 April
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If you actually knew me you would know that my favorite thing to do is laugh. If you can make me laugh, you're instantly one of my favorite people. I sometimes laugh when I know I'm not suppose to, and that gets me in trouble. You'll know if I don't like you, I make it pretty clear. I hate lies, rumors, and drama. The less of those three the better. I like the truth even though the truth can hurt sometimes. I've been through more shit than you can probably handle. I learn from every mistake I make; I make a lot. I believe in fate. I believe in soul mates. I wish on stars.

I'm a grudge holder, straight forward, irritable, a loud mouth, untrusting, paranoid, and a bit too sarcastic at times.

Spontaneous events, paying with all change, rollin' in the hood, football games, late nights at andrettis, best friends, being young while we still can, driving way too fast, and playing our music entirely too loud are what my weekends consist of.

I'm Amanda & I'm very pleased to meet you.

My journal is friends only. Almost all of my entries are friends only, the only entries that aren't are an occasional promotion and my reading list. Feel free to add me, I actually like new friends.

Please don't add me if you don't update or comment. I'm not asking for a comment on every entry but I'd like to know if/when you're interested. If you're constantly making new journals, spare me. Also if all you post about is drugs, cutting, or sex don't add me. I don't want to read about that.

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